Creative Incubator „CULTURE FACTORY“

The first creative industries incubator, “Culture Factory” (KUFA), in Klaipėda and Western Lithuania, has been widely opening its doors to creativity, work, and culture since 2014, gathering a creative community under its roof.

Homes are inspiring to create. Business plans, new performances, new teams, and start-ups gather here, along with film and technical creative educational programs. Various art festivals are also held in the spaces of the reconstructed tobacco factory, which are perfect for individual business meetings, conferences, or festivals that require a lot of thought.

Incubator services

Coworking space

The co-working space is an exclusive workplace in the center of Klaipėda, designed for representatives of creative businesses. Approximately 100 young professionals from various creative fields, including performing arts and cinema, graphics and interior design, virtual reality and video games, programming, architecture, marketing, etc., create and work in the incubator every day. The co-working spaces are complemented by spacious meeting rooms for business meetings, consultations, and joint projects. There is also an opportunity to enjoy coffee daily. Culture Factory operates 24/7 for the creative community.

Office premises – studios

The Culture Factory provides excellent conditions for creative teams to work. It offers ten 45 sq. m area studios and one 130 sq. m area studio for permanent work. These functional workspaces are complemented by leisure areas, including outdoor terraces and kitchenettes, as well as meeting rooms that can be utilized for business meetings and consultations. Additionally, there is an opportunity to enjoy coffee daily. Culture Factory operates 24/7 for the creative community.

Space rental for events

The inspiring and modern spaces of the former tobacco factory are suitable for organizing various events, whether used individually or combined simultaneously. KUFA spaces are perfect for performances, concerts, cinema screenings, conferences, hackathons, fashion events, company celebrations, and business meetings. The „Culture Factory“ team provides advice in organizing all events and strives to make each event held here successful and memorable.


Workation offer is a great opportunity not only to change your usual work environment but also to spend productive time with your team, fostering team spirit. KUFA invites you to immerse yourselves in the creatively inspiring working spaces of “Culture Factory“ utilizing meeting rooms and kitchens. Enjoy meaningful free time on the rooftop terrace, “Urban Garden,” and participate in cultural events and community meetings organized by KUFA.
Upon request, our experienced incubator mentors, team-building specialists, yoga, and breathing trainers can be included in the workation program. For those who come to the Culture Factory, Klaipėda offers a rich array of cultural, artistic, gastronomic, sports, and maritime entertainment.
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KUFA Community

The Culture Factory is an excellent hub for bringing creative ideas and businesses to life. Those who work here share a common goal: to create in a vibrant environment alongside like-minded individuals, enhance their skills through free business seminars and conferences, and enjoy their leisure time at cultural and art events, including movies at the Culture Factory. Traditional informal gatherings on the rooftop terrace, ‘Urban Garden,’ or during ‘Monday coffee’ sessions foster the exchange of ideas and the
initiation of new projects among colleagues and partners.

The following creative teams are currently working in the KUFA community:

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