Welcome day @Klaipėda | Integration fair and networking event

30 rugsėjo 2021 16:00

Klaipėda is a great city to visit, but even better to live in!
This September we are happy to welcome all students coming to our beautiful port town!

Join the event to learn about opportunities you have as a foreigner in Klaipėda, organizations that are waiting for your talents. Find answers from migration and employment offices, HR specialists, business representatives, youth organizations and expats that live and work in Klaipėda.

Our aim is to initiate an open conversation between the city and international newcomers.

So to help you, we will bring a number representatives of local businesses, and organizations so you can talk to them directly and start building YOUR own network of connections!

But we will do more than that! Stay longer and party with a DJ. Enjoy what being a student in Klaipėda has to offer while learning about opportunities to stay!

Looking forward to meeting you in person in the
„Welcome day @Klaipėda” event on September 30!

Due to COVID-19 situation, to enter, you will be required to have „Galimybių pasas” or other document of same value.

Welcome day @Klaipėda | Integration fair and networking event