TeleSoftas: „AI: Is Your Business Ready For It?”

29 gegužės 2020 14:00

Who is this webinar for? For professionals, responsible for innovation strategy in their companies, that aim to develop an AI strategy in their company processes; for all who are curious where to start with AI.
Webinar format: Keynote + Panel discussion.
Date and time: May 29, 2 PM (UTC+3).

Keynote speaker: Bart Kappel, Head AI Engineer at TeleSoftas.
The keynote will provide:
– Insight into how to assess your company’s readiness for AI – when businesses should and should not introduce AI;
– Fundamentals needed to be in place to apply any form of AI within the organization;
– The debunking of some of the biggest Ai myths, such as “introducing AI will save repetitive labor”;
– Overview of the existing and applied forms of AI.

Panel participants:
– Nancy Nemes – Founder & Chief Enthusiasm Officer of Ms. AI and #humanAIze, Former global leader @ Google and Microsoft, Member of the EU Alliance for Artificial Intelligence.
– Semir Jahic – Lead Sales Engineering EMEA @ Clari, Lecturer on AI, innovation @ UCL, Former group leader of AI solutions sales for EMEA @SalesForce, Former Senior Analyst @ Accenture.
– Justas Šalkevičius – CTO @ SneakyBox, Ph.D. in Machine learning.
– Bart Kappel – Lead AI Engineer @ TeleSoftas, MA in Robotics.

TeleSoftas: „AI: Is Your Business Ready For It?”