Pedagogų kvalifikacijos tobulinimo tarptautinis seminaras

17 vasario 2020 10:00

Knygynas „Litterula“ kartu su Valstybės institucijų kalbų centru 2020 m. vasario 17 – 21 dienomis Klaipėdoje, Vilniuje, Panevėžyje, Kaune ir Šiauliuose kviečia anglų kalbos mokytojus ir dėstytojus dalyvauti Express Publishing leidyklos pedagogų kvalifikacijos tobulinimo tarptautiniame seminare „Visualising, Managing and Teaching in the 21st Century Classroom”.



10.00-11.00 Registration. Exhibition of the books

11.00-11.50 Tailoring the Brain-Friendly Lesson (George Kokolas)
The vastness and perplexity of the human brain are characteristics that simply can not be doubted. For many years now, neuroscience has been trying to shed some light on the cognitive abilities and capacities of people, providing us with many insightful facts. Even though teachers are not neuroscientists or “brain experts”, having some tips, techniques or even theories in mind about the brain, can open new paths to learning or even unblock the flow of knowledge, when the whole class is stuck in the mud. The speaker will provide some tangible tips and techniques for optimum learning based on recent and older neuroscience findings.

11.50-12.00 Break

12.00-12.50 Early Literacy approaches in I-Wonder: getting children to ‘look with intent’ (Bob Obee)
This presentation will argue for the need for much greater ‘vigour’ and ‘rigour’ in the development of early literacy skills in the ELT classroom. Taking as its starting point some key points of contrast between phonic and phonographic approaches, this talk will argue that promoting a rich range of strategies that foster ‘looking with intent’ at English letters, graphemes and words, not only helps children struggling to breakthrough to literacy but is a serious driver for learners of all abilities in encouraging engagement with text around them, fostering spelling and writing skills and helping learners to consolidate new words.

12.50-13.00 Break

13.00-14.00 Homework in the 21st Century: Ideas to Excite and Engage EFL Learners​ (George Kokolas)
Let’s face it, very few people really like homework, especially the traditional sort, which can become highly repetitive and heavy on memorisation. However, we are now well into the 21st century and it is time that homework caught up. In this session, we will look at different approaches to homework, which make use of modern technology and modern classroom methodology. These techniques will interest and engage the learner, leaving nothing for the dog to eat.

14.00-14.30 Q&A, Certificates

Pedagogų kvalifikacijos tobulinimo tarptautinis seminaras