Klaipėda United: Speakers and Panel Discussion

14 gruodžio 2019 11:00

Come on December 14th at 11 a.m. to Kulturos Fabrikas and enjoy wonderful speakers and panel discussion!

The main idea of „Klaipėda United” is connecting minorities in the Klaipėda community. These minorities range from disabled people to cultural minorities to unmotivated youth members. What we are trying to achieve is complete unity and equality in the community of Klaipėda. Thus the speakers and panel discussion event will invite representatives from different minorities in Klaipeda to discuss and connect together. Our speakers for an event will be:

1. Sanna Karosas. She is originally from Sweden, but recently lives in Lithuania. She has a daughter with down syndrome, Iva. She is a representative of the down syndrom association.
2. Augustas Navickas was born in 1990. April 19th In Šiauliai. Studied and lives in Klaipeda. From the age of 14 he attended rowing training, became the Lithuanian Junior Champion of all ages and the Lithuanian Adult Champion in eight places with a helmsman. 2012 suffered a spinal injury, has not walked since. 2014 After a year he represented Lithuania in the World Rowing Championship. 2016 represented Lithuania at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games and took 10th place. 2017 ranked 9th at the World Rowing Championship in 2018. this achievement was echoed in the planetary priorities.

Klaipėda United: Speakers and Panel Discussion