„Go Debut” 2018 workshop: “From idea to film“ Nik Powell (GB)

27 rugsėjo 2018 16:00

Nik Powell – Producer and former Director of National Film And Television School

In the early 1970’s Nik Powell set up Virgin Records with Richard Branson and in the
space of ten years the pair turned a small mail-order record operation into a multi-
million pound conglomerate.

In 1982 Powell went into partnership with Stephen Woolley. Together they formed
Palace Video, followed by Palace Pictures, and then Palace Productions, soon establishing
each as highly regarded entities within the film distribution and production industry. 
Powell has acted as Executive Producer on all of Palace’s productions including Neil
SCANDAL, and Neil Jordan’s multi Oscar nominated and winning THE CRYING GAME.
Nik and Stephen Woolley’s new company Scala produced Iain Softley’s BACKBEAT,
Terence Davies’ THE NEON BIBLE, Shane Meadows’ TWENTYFOUR:
SEVEN, Mark Herman’s Oscar and Golden Globe nominated LITTLE VOICE, Fred Schepsi’s
LAST ORDERS starring Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins, Tom Courtenay, Helen Mirren, David
Hemmings and Ray Winstone, Charles Dance’s LADIES IN LAVENDER, starring Dame
Judi Dench, Dame Maggie Smith, Miriam Margolis. Nik also executive produced
CALENDAR GIRLS and more recently in 2016 the 10m Euro Dutch film Brimstone starring
Guy Pierce and Dakota Fanning.
Nik was appointed Director of the National Film and Television School in 2003 and
stepped down as Director at the end of August 2017 after 14 years at the helm. Under
his leadership, the NFTS grew from 150 students to over 500 students with a wider,
deeper and more diverse portfolio of courses with over £30 million of hugely expanded
and modernised facilities.

He is now focusing on his role as Co-Chairman of Scala Productions.

„Go Debut” 2018 workshop: “From idea to film“ Nik Powell (GB)