Šeiko Šokio Teatras: Contemporary dance seminar with Maciej Kuźmiński (PL)

14 gruodžio 2019 11:00

In the seminar with choreographer, performer educator and producer Maciej Kuźmiński you will be taught 3 different techniques: two movement techniques Floor Work and Dynamic Phrasing, and a composition technique Task Basket.
The seminar is aimed at contemporary dance professionals.

> > > > In Floor Work a structured and detailed set vocabulary is introduced, consisting of complimentary moves, based on turning, travelling and diving. Important are concepts of continuity, flow, efficiency and spatial awareness to bring a physical and challenging, yet very fun class. My approach to floor work is particularly good to increase efficiency and speed in moving through the floor, increasing the volume of movement and challenging spatial perception (we go through right, left and reverse sides of sequences).
> > > > Dynamic Phrasing is an author technique M. Kuźmiński develops for 7 years. Here he draws from the energy-driven Tai Chi and Qigong philosophies. In the 45-60 min warm-up a repeated, looped movements that bring out a sense of coherence and greater rootedness are introduced. Then, a flowing, spiraling energy is incorporated into dynamic dance sequences or improvisation sessions, to shape the awareness of the soft and powerful body. This technique is particularly good for bringing a sense of a whole to the body, practicing a soft-power approach, grounding, bringing more expressiveness to palms and awarenes to projection through the eyes, bringing a group together / creating a sense of a group.
> > > > Task Basket is a 4-step re-composition method, that M. Kuźmiński works on since 2012. By focusing on particular elements comprising a sequence the Task Basket allows the choreographer/dancer to re-work any movement-material into an interesting and surprising material. This highly efficient tool draws largely (but not only) from Laban Movement Analysis tools. This class is particularly good for learning to analyze and understand the constituents of movement (as we learn to break it down), gaining self-awareness and compating ones’ habits, gaining a more critical eye on ones composition, improving instant-composition (improvisation) skills.

Choreographer, performer, educator, producer. Artistic director of Maciej Kuźmiński Company. Founder and director of the Polish Dance Network.
Enblish Dance Tabs magazine described Room 40 by Kuźmiński as ‘bridging concept and beauty’, a remark that well describes the style of the choreographer. His works, formally daring with grounded, dynamic movement, have been presented over 140 times in 20 countries. The multi-award winning artist has claimed among others the prestigious Audience Award at the Polish Dance Platform 2014, or 2nd Prize and Special Prize at the International Choreographic Competition in Hannover 2018. Maciej Kuźmiński graduated with Distinction from MA Choreography studies and BA Dance Theatre studies from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.
Pedagogue at Codarts, Trinity Laban, University of Calgary, Belgrade Dance Institute, Dance Departament in Bytom, Poland.

December 14
11:00-18:00, Hall C, Culture factory, Bangų g. 5A, Klaipėda
December 15
11:00-18:00, Hall C, Culture factory, Bangų g. 5A, Klaipėda
December 16-19,
10:00-15:00, Hall C, Culture factory, Bangų g. 5A, Klaipėda
15:00-17:00, Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, Dance department, Donelaičio aikštė 5, Klaipėda

A pen and a notebook.

FEE: 100 Eur
Registration is confirmed automatically when fee is received via bank transfer.

More info: +370 672 29267,

Šeiko Šokio Teatras: Contemporary dance seminar with Maciej Kuźmiński (PL)