Art as a Career: Self-Expression + Self Fulfilment

21 sausio 2020 16:30

We are excited to present LCC Outside event “Art as a Career: Self-Expression + Self-Fulfilment” with Agnija Šeiko, the Artistic Director and the dancers from Šeiko šokio teatras (Šeiko Dance Company).

The event will offer a short intro dance performance and a conversation about art as a career with the dancers.

LCC Outside will take place in Klaipėda on January 21, 16:30, at
Klaipėdos kultūros fabrikas. Everyone is welcome to join for an open chat about art, self-exploration, and self-fulfilment.

Šeiko Dance Company
Šeiko Dance Company unites theater professionals who work in the contemporary dance field creating dance and music performances, immersive theater, site-specific performances, promenade performances, dance education projects, and theater laboratories. It embodies the universal language of dance, unrestricted by censorship, or political, cultural, ethnic, religious and social boundaries.

During the six years of work in Klaipėda, as well as internationally, Šeiko Dance Company has won numerous professional theater awards.

More about the company:

Art as a Career: Self-Expression + Self Fulfilment